How to use AI to accelerate Geospatial Intelligence Production


Defense satellite imagery production has increased exponentially, yet imagery analysis has not been able to keep up. Today, visual intelligence production often requires a range of complex tools and tedious workflows to produce usable information. With automatic object and condition detections, AI can condense workflows and return the initiative to the analyst.

View this recording to learn how AI can:

  • Be used in novel ways to rapidly screen large amounts of images
  • Condense workflows and return the initiative to the analyst
  • Be used to detect conditions in complex geospatial imagery
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How to Use AI to Accelerate Geospatial Intelligence Production

featured speakers

Omid Jaafari
Chief Sales Engineer

Michael Liou
President Corporate Strategy and Development

Neil K. Dhingra
Business and Program Leader
Orbit Logic

Michael Allen
Global Vice President
Beyond Gravity